America1 PPE Expands Offering as White House Invests in Domestic PPE Companies

Throughout the entire pandemic, the global workforce experienced huge fluctuations, complications, and changes. In an effort to move forward and support domestic jobs, the White House recently signed the US Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to invest in transportation networks, broadband, and public works. The bipartisan bill equates to over $1 trillion and is predicted to add over two million jobs to the US workforce over the next decade. Many of these jobs will be in domestic personal protective equipment (PPE) companies.

Moving PPE to Domestic Companies

Due to national PPE shortages alongside more available and less expensive international options at the start of the pandemic, the US looked overseas for PPE, with a high percentage of products coming from China. As the world moved through the pandemic, the US soon learned that upwards of 60-70% of the imported KN95 masks did not meet the health and safety statistics they claimed – mainly that the masks did not offer 95% protection from airborne particles.

At the same time, many domestic PPE companies were at risk of closure due to the heavy reliance on foreign products. While the imported products were quick and low priced, the American population was at higher risk of contracting the virus with faulty masks, while domestically made products were sitting in warehouses with a high price tag.

Six months into the pandemic, many businesses, including health workers and government personnel who had initially bought faulty imported PPE, needed to find solutions to avoid a rise in cases.

America1 PPE Set to Expand Offering

On November 15th, President Biden signed a new bipartisan bill that would reroute resources and funding to ensure domestic companies are providing for Americans’ PPE needs. As a 100% American-made product, America1 PPE is a leading producer of the KN95 mask and has recently expanded its offering to include antibacterial hand wipes.

With the introduction of this new bill, the American population will be better served to tackle the pandemic – with safe and high-quality domestic products.

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