Rain inducing Technology

Rain on Request is implementing the tested and proven rain inducing technology Rain on Request (ROR) to solve droughts causing water shortages, forest fires, and great harm to people and animals worldwide. Rain on Request (ROR) is an eco-friendly rain inducing technology that helps create the atmospheric conditions for rain to fall 100% naturally. Rain on Request has been tested and proven to increase rainfall substantially in addition to providing targeted rainfall with amazing precision.


Rain on Request (ROR) is an eco-friendly rain inducing technology, which was developed by world-renowned scientists from Israel. Through a process called ionization, Rain on Request is able to induce rainfall within a 15-mile radius of a single system and can provide targeted rainfall. Our system is able to boost precipitation levels from 50%-400%. Rain on Request increases water supply in drought stricken and water-deprived regions through the implementation of our revolutionary rain inducing technology Rain on Request. For additional information on obtaining our services visit the contact us section or use the contact form below. Jacob Gitman, Rain on Request LLC, Florida, USA

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